Thursday, August 25, 2016

Centro Habana, Havana (Cuba) - In Another Minute (330)

Centro Habana is an old quarter in Havana, Cuba. As the name implies, it's located in the center of the city - just west of La Habana Vieja (Old Havana).

Centro Habana, Havana (Cuba) - In Another Minute (330)

Some of the major sights in this section of the city are the Barrio Chino (Chinatown), El Capitolio, the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Ignatius of Loyola Church, and the avenue Paseo del Prado (aka Paseo de Martí), which makes up the border to La Habana Vieja.

Centro Habana is a feast for the eyes. Colonial buildings can be either so dilapidated that only the facades remain or beautifully restored in vibrant colors, so typical for the Caribbean. I highly recommend walking or driving down colorful Calle Reina if you visit Havana.

When Scott and I were in Cuba in April, we didn't have much time to explore Centro Habana. Most of these images were taken right around Golden Hour. And quite a few shots in this video are actually photographs, since that's all I had time for. At another time, I may publish a video of the views I captured while driving through this and other Havana neighborhoods in a classic car taxi...

See more of Havana and read my Cuba travel tips: La Habana Vieja, Old Havana (Havana, Cuba) – In Another Minute (314)

The song in this video is "Casa Bossa Nova" by Kevin MacLeod ( It's licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ( Thank you for all your great music, Kevin!

Calle Reina in Centro Habana
Havana, Cuba

In the next few days, I will publish more photos of Centro Habana on my personal blog and on Flickr.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Photos of Watson Lake, Colorado

Just a few photos of Watson Lake in Bellvue, Colorado, just outside of Fort Collins. To see more and to read about this hidden gem, please check out the post for my video Watson Lake – In A Colorado Minute (Week 329).

Wildflower standing tall at Watson Lake

Bellvue Dome aka Goat Hill and Watson Lake

Cache la Poudre River running alongside Watson Lake

Whiskey Dog standing in the Poudre River

Watson Lake and the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains

Classic view of Bellvue Dome reflecting in Watson Lake

Rocks over Watson Lake

No parking!
Watson Lake

Bellvue Dome aka Goat Hill
above Watson Lake, Colorado

Wouldn't you like to live up there?
Watson Lake

Cloud battling sun over Watson Lake

Friday, August 19, 2016

Watson Lake - In A Colorado Minute (Week 329)

Watson Lake is an almost hidden gem in the town of Bellvue, a few miles north-west of Fort Collins, Colorado. The 44-acre Watson Lake State Wildlife Area doesn't just feature the lake. It also offers access to the Cache la Poudre River.

Watson Lake - In A Colorado Minute (Week 329)

I consider Watson Lake a hidden gem because it can't be seen from the road and it's not overcrowded on summer weekends. Or at least, it doesn't seem overcrowded. When I filmed this lake and the river on Sunday, there were actually quite a few people there fishing or having picnics at one of the many picnic areas. But because you are not allowed to put a boat in the water and because of the greenery surrounding the lake, you don't usually see most of the other visitors.

Of course, you can see all kinds of birds around the lake. But if you're really lucky, you get to see the Golden Eagles that live on Bellvue Dome aka Goat Hill, the rock formation to the east of Watson Lake and the Poudre River. While I've seen the eagles before, I didn't get to capture them with my camera on this outing.

There is a trail around most of the lake, except a section on the west side.

I couldn't find much information about the history of Watson Lake, but according to this picture, Watson Lake appears to be man-made or at least "man-modified."

Watson Lake State Wildlife Area is located off County Road 52E (Rist Canyon Road). I highly recommend a drive through Rist Canyon - to or from Poudre Canyon Road, depending on the direction you're coming from.

The song in this video is "Solo Acoustic #5" by Jason Shaw of Audionautix. He made this song available via the CC BY 3.0 license, which is super cool of Jason. Thank you!

Watson Lake
Bellvue, Colorado

Within the week, I will publish a more photos from this outing in the In A Colorado Minute 2016 Flickr album and on this blog.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Photos of Street Art in Rio, Brazil

All these photos of street art in Rio, Brazil, I actually took in 2013. This past week, I published a video featuring murals, graffiti and stencils found in Rio: Rio Street Art (Brazil) – In Another Minute (328)

So I thought I'd share some accompanying photos here. If you'd like to see even more pictures, you can find them in the In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album.

Girls with an attitude by Natta
Rio Street Art

This #mural pretty much sums up #Rio: carnival, Christ the Redeemer, music, colors... and a guy who has a little dude coming out of his pants ;-)

Someone loves to spray paint
Rio Street Art

So fun when someone adds street art next to an already existing piece. It creates a story.
Rio Street Art

At first, it really bugged me that a car was blocking part of this fantastical street art. Then I noticed how the color of the car matches the colors in the art piece. Nice!
Rio Street Art

Have you ever seen artsy street at like this anywhere else?
Rio Street Art

Santa Crew vs Fim Do Mundo?
Rio Street Art

Nazi Punks F**k Off!
Rio Street Art

"Vinyl sunset over plastic fields" by #PXE. You can watch this street art piece getting created:

Who doesn't love animals in suits and ties?
Street art by Nata in Rio, Brazil.

My favorite aspect of this car art is that the colors spread all the way to the tire.
Street Art Rio (in Ipanema to be precise)

Santa Crew blows up the Santa Teresa neighborhood.
Rio Street Art

Everyone visiting Rio takes pictures of Christ The Redeemer - even in Rio Street Art.

What do you love when you love? The kind of street art also found in Europe and North America. However, this I found in Rio, Brazil.

Even the favelas are covered in bright colors.
Rio Street Art.

Mulher Bonita - Pretty Woman.
Rio Street Art

Street art at entrance of favela in Santa Teresa - with a view of downtown Rio and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Rio Street Art (Brazil) - In Another Minute (328)

Rio street art is rather different from the European and North American street art I've shared in this video series before. Although, there is some overlap in style, for example when looking at stencil street art and wheat paste prints.

Rio Street Art (Brazil) - In Another Minute (328) 

One of the differences between Rio street art and North American and European street art is a tendency towards the fantastical and surreal and towards abstract art. Altogether, street art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, appears a lot more colorful. This isn't surprising, considering how vibrant Brazilian culture is in general.

All of the images were captured in the winter of 2013. However, as you can see, some of the work is much older. Therefore, I also assume that a good amount can still be seen today in 2016. Ever since then I've been wanting to publish a video dedicated to the unusual and cool street art found all over Rio de Janeiro. Now, with the Olympics happening in Rio, it seemed to be the right time.

A quick nerd-alert note on the footage. As you can probably tell, most of the images are photographs, not video footage. This is because I decided to publish this video in 1080p and the video original video footage was shot in 720p. To give you clearer images to enjoy, it made sense to use the higher resolution photos instead of video footage, which ends up looking a bit blurry once up-rezed to 1080. Nerd-alert over.

Unfortunately, I can only name the artists or art collectives that left obvious signatures, like PXE (on his piece "vinyl sunset over plastic fields"), Santa Crew (in the Santa Teresa neighborhood) and Nata. Maybe you can add a few names?

The song in this video is "Roots" by Jahzzar, who shares lots of great music via his website The song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Thank you, Javier!

Rio street art in Santa Teresa with a view of Sugarloaf Mountain
Within a few days, I will publish a series of Rio street art photos on my blog post and the In Another Minute 2016 Flickr album.

If you want to see more videos from my Brazil trip, please check these out: