Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rise of the Super Moon - In A Colorado Minute (Week 224)

Rise of the Super Moon - In A Colorado Minute (Week 224) 

When, on Tuesday night, we went out to watch and capture the Perseid Meteor Shower, it was the Super Moon rising, who stole the show. Even though I had already shot and planned another video for this week, I thought I'd go ahead and share this capture of the moon rising and some photos I took that night of the moon and the stars.

I hope this will inspire you to take a nice person, or just yourself, out to a place with some open space and watch the moon rise. When it's this big, it's quite amazing how quickly it rises and how it lifts your spirits and imagination.

To show you the moon rise in less than a minute, I sped the video up by 750%. The moon was already waning when I shot this. Maybe one of these days, I'll capture it when it's full.

If you watch a lot of my videos, you've probably noticed that I use songs by Josh Woodward a lot, who makes his music freely available. Up until this point, I've always used instrumental versions of his songs because it's usually easier to edit to, sometimes the combination of lyrics and images feels too much on the nose and sometimes the lyrics just don't fit the images. This week, for the first time,

I'm using a version with lyrics - of the song "Shadows in the Moonlight." He has a really nice voice and I like the message of the entire song a lot. Check out the full song (available under an Attribution License) here:

Last but not least, if you enjoyed watching this moonrise, please check out the (more impressive, in my humble opinion) moonrise video from last year: Harvest Moonrise Time-Lapse – In A Colorado Minute (Week 178).

Super Moon rising over the Rocky Mountains Foothills near Fort Collins, Colorado

Monday, August 11, 2014

Raptors at ELC / Rocky Mountain Raptor Program - In A Colorado Minute (Week 223)

Raptors at ELC / Rocky Mountain Raptor Program - In A Colorado Minute (Week 223)  

The raptors living at the CSU Environmental Learning Center have all been rescued by the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program.

While at the center, I got to see and film a Golden Eagle, a one-eyed Bald Eagle, a Swainson's Hawk, and two Red-Tailed Hawks. Because the fence is very tight, only my iPhone camera lens would get shots without showing the fence. By chance, the battery in my Canon camera was drained anyway.

Considering how large the birds and the talons are, I believe it makes everyone feel more comfortable that the fence is strong and tight - especially when one's fingers are holding a camera directly to the fence.

While the video might not look like much, a trip to the Environmental Learning Center is definitely worth it. Seeing these birds up-close in real life is very impressive. And there's something very nice about knowing that these are not zoo animals displayed for your pleasure but rescued animals, which wouldn't survive in nature on their own anymore.

This video is dedicated to Anne Hanson of knitspot, who checked out the center while she visited me recently and inspired me with her photos. She's a great supporter of my web series - and I'd like to thank her officially for all the encouragement and support with this video. Please take a minute and watch the interview I shot with Anne during her stay - you may just feel inspired as well: Meet Anne Hanson (of knitspot) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 219)

The music used in this video is the song BIRD IN HAND by Jason Shaw. It's available for free via the Free Music Archive with a CC BY 3.0 license.

One-eyed bald eagle at the Environmental Learning Center / Rocky Mountain Raptor Program in Fort Collins, Colorado

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park (Summer Instagram Photos) - In A Colorado Minute (Week 222)

Rocky Mountain National Park (Summer Instagram Photos) - In A Colorado Minute (Week 222) 

Last week, I went to the Rocky Mountain National Park with my friend Jessica, while she was visiting from out of continent. This week, I've had so much work that I couldn't find time to shoot a video. Actually, Scott and I went on one awesome excursion - but I forgot to put the SD into my camera before we left. So I had a "forced" afternoon off from doing anything besides relaxing and having fun. It was wonderful. And it was earned, if I might say so myself.

In conclusion, for this week's video, I put together a collection of photos I took at Rocky Mountain National Park to (possibly) post on Instagram. Hope you enjoy this "not quite so much" Moving Postcard. And I hope I can find time to shoot something new in the following week, which has actually already started. Oh time...

If you'd like to watch a full video from Rocky Mountain National Park in spring, please check out this episode: Rocky Mountain National Park (Estes Park) – In A Colorado Minute (Week 208)

If you'd like to know more about Jessica, who is an international teacher and world traveler, please check out this episode: Meet Jessica (International Teacher) – In A Minute Portrait (Week 221)

And if you'd like to follow along my travels and explorations (even a busy bee gets the chance to enjoy a beautiful vista in the evening sometimes) via my photo stream, please follow me on Instagram: LuciWest

The song featured in this video is the instrumental version of "Hey Ruth" by Josh Woodward. This song is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US License. Thank you, again and again, Josh!

Rocky Mountain National Park

Friday, July 25, 2014

Meet Jessica (International Teacher) - In A Minute Portrait (Week 221)

Jessica (International Teacher) - In A Minute Portrait (Week 221) 

This week, I'd like you to meet my friend Jessica (aka The Queen of Fun) who is currently visiting me in Colorado en route from Salvador, Brazil, to Tokyo, Japan. Check out what she has to say about her life as an international teacher (science and math) and a world traveler.

The photos in the video I've taken while visiting Jessica in Thailand and in Brazil and at a The National show in Germany.

You can watch videos from my trips to see her here:

Chiang Mai + Doi Inthanon (Thailand) – In Another Minute (Week 93)

Ko Samet + Bangkok (Thailand) – In Another Minute (Week 94)

Rio de Janeiro – In A Brazil Minute (Week 147)

Coastal Paradise: Ilha Grande + Paraty – In A Brazil Minute (Week 148)

Carnaval (Carnival) in Salvador – In A Brazil Minute (Week 149)

I can't wait to visit her in Japan next... I'll be sure to make a video about it.

Jessica - International Teacher
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spoon - "Do You" (MusicMonday)

Perfect timing! Today Spoon released a video for the song "Do You" from their upcoming album They Want My Soul, which comes out in August. ... and tomorrow one of my dearest friends and fellow-Spoon-appreciator, Jessica Gould, arrives for a visit.

By tomorrow night, we will exchange some serious indie-rock dance moves and sing "Do you? Do you?" into each others faces because this song seems to be made for our annual reunion. I'm pretty sure we'll follow that up with "Don't You Evah." Can't wait. Thanks, Spoon!

Personally, I'm not that enthralled by the reveal at the end of the otherwise cool video directed by Hiro Murai - but you should still watch to the end to see it - besides that you probably want to hear the entire song.

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