Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scott has a new job - with zombies

For almost three weeks Scott has been the showrunner/senior producer of the highly successful daily online show Wallstrip. Now all papers are signed officially and shows that Scott has been directly involved in have begun airing.

The show was originally produced by film school alumni and friends Jeff Marks and Adam Elend. A few months ago the show was bought by CBS and Jeff and Adam have moved on to oversee additional online projects at CBS interactive.

Because this show is not a production of Good Hard Working People I will not post the episodes here. So please make sure to watch directly on, your favorite online video site or iTunes or subscribe to the RSS feed.

In honor of Halloween (which I'm totally ignoring at my office while trying to get a rough cut of All's Well and Fair compressed and burnt to a DVD) here's today's episode, which also happens to be my favorite so far. Scott shot this one, which is a bit unusual because on that show they actually have a full crew - oh my! - who by the way are not zombies. These guys are:

Monday, October 29, 2007

RIP RTV... for now anyway

There's no longer denying it - although I've been holding out as long as I could:

There is no more ReelerTV.

At least not for now.

(Now it seems slightly spooky that the last episode on the website was subtitled "ReelerTV: Limited Time Only)

The online show Scott and I produced for The Reeler, bringing you the latest news, film reviews and interviews with actors and filmmakers, has had a great run as a weekly show for several months with additional special daily coverage during the Tribeca and Toronto Film Festivals.

You may have noticed that there hadn't been an episode since September 27th when the show featured Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman of The Darjeeling Limited. And instead of leaving you wondering any longer I thought I'd make it official.

We were beginning to build a great audience and were receiving high ratings. But certain logistics are not quite working out right now.

We have had a wonderful time making the show - it's been fantastic meeting filmmakers, actors, publicists, different film reviewers every week and, last but not least, Ray Privett of Pioneer Theater.

A special thank you also goes out to the amazing people of!


Working with our fearless leader S.T. (Stu) VanAirsdale has been such an outstanding experience - he's a fantastic collaborator, trusted us fully creatively, has an incredible knowledge in all things film and has a secret former life as a rock musician. Mostly though I miss our Tuesday morning laughs while taping the news segment - he's hilarious.

We hope you enjoyed watching the shows as much as we enjoyed making them.

There is a good chance that there will be ReelerTV specials again along the way during festivals and such. And we're hopeful that one day soon we'll resurrect ReelerTV as a weekly show or a new regular online film show all together (although for the time being Scott is quite engaged on another front, but more about that later).

To round out this post, here again are our three most popular episodes (one weekly and two festival specials), followed by three of my favorites.

Tribeca Festival - Episode 8 - Suburban Girl

Weekly - Episode 1 - Rescue Dawn

Tribeca - Episode 6 - King of Kong

Toronto - Episode 3 - Control

Tribeca - Episode 11 - Live!

Weekly - Episode 5 - Rocket Science

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tax-deductible donations

donation page for Five Sisters on the [ida] website

You can now make tax-deductible donations online to the two documentaries I'm directing.

Both projects have the International Documentary Association as their fiscal sponsor. They are a not-for-profit organization that receives the donations in the name of the sponsored films, takes a small percentage of the money before disbursing the funds to the film productions and provides you, the donor, with the necessary paper work to write-off your donation on your tax forms.

This has been possible for a while by mailing a check written out to them with the film's name in the memo field - but now you can also donate online with a credit or debit card instantly (via paypal).

So, if you are able and want to support the making of either of these two films I invite you to please follow the respective links below.

Five Sisters

All's Well and Fair

Thank you so much for your kindness, interest and support.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

DocStock Interview: All's Well and Fair

Earlier this summer Paper Magazine editor Rebecca Carroll interviewed me for the show DocStock, which airs on Plum TV, about All's Well and Fair.

They were so kind to allow me to post my segment.

While I cringe at watching myself (I swear cameras add 20 pounds and there's no way I usually sound so snotty), I'm super happy to be talking about this film and its subject and cherish every opportunity to share more information about it.

Thank you so much to Rebecca Carroll, Sara Wolitzky and everyone else at DocStock for having me on the show.

Editing, Editing, Editing, Visiting, Editing

Margaret Briggs, Rachel Iannelli in All's Well and Fair

The blog posts have been sparse because I've been editing my documentary All's Well and Fair almost non-stop.

This weekend I was happily interrupted by a visit from Rachel and her daughter Tessa who both star in the film.

While on a little break I also put together a brief web page about the documentary:

Friday, October 5, 2007

MySpace Finally Updated!

For about 6 weeks or so I wasn't able to update our Good Hard Working People MySpace site, which was incredibly frustrating especially since I like have our latest show episodes on there for all of our friends to check out.

Nowhere on the web could I find a solution. Countless emails to MySpace Help went unanswered until a few days ago. While at first they just kept saying "be patient", today they finally followed up with some real advice. And it worked!

The page is missing its previous formatting and shows less videos, but it's up to date.

So for all of you who have a problem updating their "About Me" or other html-based sections - and you also have an International MySpace page (ours happened to be Australian), here is your solution

To change Language/Country, please log on to your account and click on "Myspace international" located at the bottom right of the page. There you should be able to select the desired Myspace International [USA in our case] site.
This should solve your problem.

If it doesn't work try again after deleting the "cookies" in your internet browser.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Solver of all Problems of Life

Just saw this in the neighborhood.

Finally someone to solve ALL problems.