Friday, November 30, 2007

Bands & Friends in Hamburg

Finally I was able to spend two nights in Hamburg and see some friends and bands and friends' bands and a few bars.

Danke an Arne, Ralf, Erik & Tina, Amir, Andreas, Inga, Heiko und Justin für zwei tolle Abende. I'm so lucky to have such great friends.

Here's some visual proof that throughout the evenings my camera got drunk and therefore at first made me look kinda pretty and then everyone very blurry.

Amir, me, Arne
(Tuesday in Hamburg)

Heiko, me, Justin, Erik's baseball cap
(Wednesday in Hamburg)

Tuesday night my friend Thimo Sander played (solo as the support) before and also (as the guitar player) during the Ben Hamilton show. It was plain beautiful. I hope those guys will make it to the US sometime.

Thimo Sander at MarX

Wednesday night Hot Hot Heat played a very energetic and fun set at Grünspan. After the show I spoke to singer Steve Bays; turns out he's a Final Cut Pro editor as well and has been cutting some things for the band. But this reminds me: my break is over and I've got to get back to editing All's Well and Fair now.

Monday, November 26, 2007


A quick shout-out to a band that I'm afraid no longer exists: Sugardish of Gainesville, Florida. You girls rock my world this week.

Several songs from the band fit so perfectly into the current cut of All's Well and Fair that they almost feel written for the film. It's amazing when you find the music that lifts a film to another level and adds the dimension you weren't able to capture through editing of picture and dialog alone.

Very thrilled!

Special thanks to the lyrical master Shermy D, husband of Sugardish band member Vicki, who sent their CD my way (and also has a very popular cameo in the film).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mainz & Frankfurt

I made another frantic but thoroughly enjoyable weekend train trip to German cities.

This weekend in a 36-hour fly-by, I visited my friend Tina and baby and husband in Frankfurt and then my friend and Hamburg ex-roommate Robert in Mainz.

Editing all week and traveling each weekend (and spend time with friends and family). Life couldn't be more perfect.

Enough talk, here are a few pictures.

Mainz skyline
(Robert's roof)

containers on the Rhein river
(Robert's roof)

Mainz skyline
(Robert's hallway)

uhhh, church in Mainz

Mainzer Dom

Hanging of Weihnachtsstern in Mainz

Mainzer Dom

Mainzer Dom

Mainzer Marktplatz
(under renovation)

What exactly is Russian Disco?

Frankfurt train station shortly before the trip back to Hamburg

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My South Park Friends

Apparently in America it's Thanksgiving.

In Germany it's just another Thursday.

And this post has nothing to do with any of it.

Except the thought how thankful I am to have such a wonderful family and friends - especially those who look like they live in South Park.

Lisa as seen by Lisa

Hollie as seen by Hollie

Sparky as seen by Hollie

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Luci SP-generated

Lisa Luciani just sent me this picture of the "South Park me".

I love it and it brought the little ray of sunshine I needed today. I've been struggling with the edit of All's Well and Fair a bit. Trying to work on the beginning of the film - always quite a challenge to get that just right.

Not sure if this is the generator Lisa used or if it only came up in my search because I'm currently in Germany. But it might just be worth playing with it if you're hitting your head against a creative wall right now, too.

Send me your results.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I've been in Germany for a few days now - catching up with my family, setting up my editing system and traveling to Prague. Oh, wait, no, I didn't get to take the train to Prague with my mom BECAUSE THE ENGINE DRIVERS WENT ON STRIKE! For only two days, but that was enough to ruin our trip.
It just goes to show again that nobody suffers much from strikes but the customers. The people striking usually get paid out of the union dues, the big company guys still get their pay, the company itself (or government organization) may have some losses - but you know they can laugh those off. Leaves us, a mother and daughter planning their very first vacation together without siblings or spouses or the house pet.

Oh well, we made some Zitronenlimonade out of it right away and instead went on two fantastic day trips as soon as the trains were running again (for a few days at least, now they're threatening again to strike just in time to mess with my plans to visit people in Frankfurt and Berlin).

On Saturday we went to Bremen to see the Paula Modersohn-Becker exhibit and admire the old town...

Roland in Bremen

And on Sunday we took the Nord-Ostsee Bahn...

Train Reflections (my mom, r.)

... all the way up to the island Sylt for a beautiful walk on the beach and dinner on the dunes.

The beach on Sylt near Wenningstedt
(Gosch restaurant top right)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ReelerTV Weekly 08

And just when I said there wouldn't be any for a while... here's a new episode of ReelerTV. It's not really a weekly but more of a short fall special featuring reviews of upcoming movies and an interview with Tamara Jenkins regarding her film The Savages. But who really cares how we define the show, as long as it entertains and informs you. It does, doesn't it?

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Rough Cut Screening

After Jason from our filmmakers' collective viewed a very unofficial extreme rough assemble cut and provided some very helpful feedback earlier last week, this Saturday I held two small screenings of the All's Well and Fair rough cut. We had lively discussions about the film's content and structure that are going to help a lot in editing further.

It's always scary but necessary and finally satisfying to come out of isolation with a project and hear and see how other people receive the work. It's especially nice to have a small group watch at the same time so you can witness their discussion, agreeing and disagreeing on points and exploring further how they see the film.

In this case it was also very interesting to have two screenings in a row with and realize how different the dynamics and discussions can be depending on the constellation of people.

So I am very grateful to everyone who attended and was willing to watch, contemplate and express their views. Thank you to Brent, Teresa, Kate, Geoffrey, Allison, Kate, John J., Scott C. and of course Scott S.

There are also other people who were willing to look at a DVD on their own. It will be fascinating to compare their individual opinions, free of the group discussion. I can't wait.

Well, actually, I'll have to wait for a little while because I'm about to get on a plane this evening to fly to Germany where I'll be on a little bit of an editing retreat (with some friends & family & travel time thrown in).

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Looking for music

I'm currently looking for music to use in the documentary All’s Well and Fair:

punk rock grungey garage alternative indie bands, preferably involving women.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to compensate financially for the use of the music. So please do it for the love of it :-)

If you want to find out more please look over the website for the film or send an email.

Otherwise please send whatever you think might fit to:

Good Hard Working People
P.O. Box 170077
Brooklyn, NY 11217

or admin [at]
(CD’s and mp3’s preferred, url’s acceptable)

Try to send as soon as possible because I will be going on a 4 week editing retreat in Germany starting 11/12 to whip that film into shape.

Of course, please forward this “search for music” to anyone you think rocks this world and might be interested in having their music be in a documentary about three punk rock moms.