Saturday, March 29, 2008


Edited by Roman Bodnar

Friday, March 28, 2008


Just after I uploaded the previous entry, UPS delivered our postcards. I think they look fabulous.

Scott took care of all the design and dealing with the separate print companies for the postcards and the posters, which we got two days ago. He has been working very diligently on getting everything done for the premiere next week - and so have the super helpful people at the Sarasota Film Festival: Thank you!

Had I mentioned that everyone who appears in our film, except for three, will be
at the premiere? Everything is coming together and we couldn't be more thrilled!

DVD, DigiBeta - We Got It All!

Oh, how naively I wrote on Monday, March 17th, about finding some flash frames in the master DVD of All God's Children and worrying that it would take ALL DAY to get a new one made. It took ALL WEEK! Every single Groundhog Day started with me proofing the DVD I had finished making by 2am-ish the previous night - only to find something else wrong (flash frames, glitches, drop-outs, fuzziness, interlacing... - all things that did not reveal themselves on the Avid timeline) and having to figure a solution to the issue and starting the process of Avid to tape to FCP to Compressor to DVD Studio to DVD (with variations) over again. Every day I watched the film at least twice - without ever looking away as to not miss any frame-long errors.

And I thought on Monday I might risk my sanity. You should have seen me by Friday.

But the spirits of low-budget filmmaking prevailed again and we now have a master DVD. By the way, one of the secrets was to add a frame to each clip going into each cut, skipping Compressor all together and bumping up the bit rate on DVD Studio to 6.8.

Two more days of interlacing (Why is all the Super 8 3:3 instead of 3:2 pull-down? Must be the slow-mo.) and drop-out scares (How in the world can drop-outs sneak in during the encoding of an uncompressed QuickTime file out of Avid?) and with the help of the wonderful Scott and Jessica at Atmosphere Pictures I now have a final DigiBeta master. Actually it's in the mail and should arrive in Sarasota at noon today!

All in all during the last 10 days I must have watched the film about 15 times without ever looking away (not counting the times I watched it casually while it was being digitized or laid off). But a week like that is totally worth it when you receive unexpected emails from people who somehow have heard about the film and share their own stories of abuse at missionary boarding schools and their anticipation of our film helping them and others in making this topic public. I hope the film won't disappoint.

What I know won't disappoint is the trailer Roman Bodnar has cut together for us. It should be up here and on the website later today or tomorrow.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Podcast about Sarasota Film Festival

Tom Hall, programmer of the Sarasota Film Festival (where our film All God's Children will screen in two weeks) speaks about the festival on the podcast Movie Geeks United! posted below.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Multi-Culti Prospect Park

Running in the park last summer I saw three Muslim women in full head-to-toe black dress and veil play Frisbee! It was a lovely sight.

Today I saw an orthodox Jewish (Hasidic?) woman wearing a long black velveteen skirt, stockings and white sneakers run by me. Her hair was completely wrapped in a scarf - presumably instead of the wig. And yes, for the sake of full disclosure: despite running in a long skirt she ran faster than me.

I was still taken by the thought of how much I love that in this wonderful Brooklyn park the joy of outdoor activity brings all different cultures together when I noticed that the Asian man jogging in a black trench coat was just barely hiding his reddish leggings and a reddish long dress... a Buddhist monk!?

Life is full of beautiful moments.

Monday, March 17, 2008

All God's Children Screening Times

The screening times and location of our feature documentary
All God's Children
at the Sarasota Film Festival are official:

Saturday, April 5th at 2:30pm
Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20
Theater 8

Sunday, April 6th at 3:30pm
Regal Cinemas Hollywood 20
Theater 11

Get Tickets Here

Trying to get everything finished in time for the premiere is keeping me spinning and may be driving me crazy. Like earlier today when I discovered a flash frame in our master DVD, which I was going to drop off today to have screener DVDs made. It'll take all day to get a proofed master DVD again. At least while I'm laying out the corrected digital cut I could write here for a moment and next make some calls to track down someone who can help us get our DigiBetas made.

When was the last time I expressed how much fun low budget filmmaking is?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Case You're At SXSW

Just a quick reminder in case you're at SXSW: Scott Solary will be part of a panel about the Exquisite Corpse film project I've been documenting. The amazingly kind DP Julio Barros will be filming the panel for me, so please don't jump up in front of his camera and wave.

The panel called Communal Narrative: Exquisite Corpse Filmmaking is today at 5pm in Room 12AB.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Wire is over

J.D. Williams as Bodie in "The Wire"

I will miss you, The Wire.

I guess you had to get got sooner or later.

For all those feeling a bit of separation anxiety after watching the season finale and needing a bit of cheering up, here's what the blog Stuff White People Like had to say (if you can laugh at yourself anyway):

If you attempt to talk about an episode they have not seen yet, they will scream and cover their ears. In white culture, giving away information about a film or TV series is considered as rude as spitting on your mothers grave. It is an unforgivable offense.

Recent series that have fallen into this category include The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, and most recently The Wire.

For the past three years, whenever you say “The Wire” white people are required to respond by saying “it’s the best show on television.” Try it the next time you see a white person! Though now they might say “it WAS the best show on television.”

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Ultimate Live Show

The Hives at Williamsburg Hall of Music

I know I've been blogging quite a bit about some great music shows I've seen. I guess I just hadn't seen The Hives yet. Well, I did on Thursday at the Williamsburg Hall of Music. And I am now a believer. I know I'm very late in figuring this out but I'm just glad I finally caught on. What entertainers, what incredible energy. If you like their music at all, you can't afford to miss them next time they play in your town.

A video doesn't do the atmosphere of actually being there justice but it might give you an idea.

Seriously, I was blown away. For a surreal contrast, 30 minutes after the show, I found myself sitting at Freddy's right next to a guy playing the mandolin for a little quiet late night bluegrass delight.

Going to see more Swedes on Tuesday: Shout Out Louds at Joe's Pub (Gotta catch whoever I can on their way out to Austin).

Friday, March 7, 2008 Launch

Good Hard Working People partner Scott now is a senior producer not only for Wallstrip but also for the online news show MogLogic which officially launched today. Here's some press from Silicon Alley Insider.

They're going to have a launch party at SXSW on Sunday afternoon if you happen to be in Austin.

Below is their official launch episode. But make sure you visit the beautiful website (created by Sean Tice) and watch some pre-launch shows, comment, subscribe, get some code...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"All God's Children" Premiering at Sarasota Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce that our documentary All God's Children will be premiering at the Sarasota Film Festival on April 5th.

It's been a long journey spanning from the first preliminary interviews with the Beardslee family in 2003 all the way to tracking down footage of the actual school at Mamou AFTER we had already finished the film in 2007 - causing us to stop submissions and re-cut the film again.

We can't wait to finally share with the public this story of abuse and recovery. We really hope it will help other survivors with their healing and inspire investigations of the countless other boarding schools where children of missionaries were abused.

It'll be great to see our film during the opening weekend of the 10th Annual Sarasota Film Festival. We've heard such wonderful things about the festival - not only about the beautiful location, classy celebrations and great programming, but also about their outstanding hospitality and treatment of the filmmakers and film participants.

Having such an appreciative environment and being in a beautiful Florida beach town in early April will hopefully create a comforting setting for the abuse survivors attending the screening, since watching the film and discussing their traumatic experiences will probably trigger some unpleasant feelings.

Screening Times:

April 5th, Saturday - 2:30pm
April 6th, Sunday - 3:30pm

Tickets to the screenings will be available March 14th.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exquisite Corpse Round-Up

I'm slowing down the shooting for the documentary about the Exquisite Corpse project Tag, You're It! for now.

On Saturday I filmed the hand-over of the last minute from segment #4 filmmaker (Scott Colthorp) to segment #5 filmmaker (Daryl Lathon) and on Monday a very interesting discussion of the panelists who will be introducing the project at SXSW next week. Since I can't go to Austin myself, someone else will be filming the actual panel. And after that I'll be relying on each segment's filmmaker shooting their own "behind-the-scenes" footage if I need it for the documentary. Assuming they're willing to let me use it.

I figured that from the point of view of the documentary the hand-overs, interviews with filmmakers, cast and crew and the on-set footage won't change all that much. Of course, I'll want to get anything out of the extraordinary. But until then I will get used to the idea of not filming everything myself (or even accepting that not everything gets filmed), the approach of collaborative filmmaking (by using other people's footage) and the realistic fact that this will be a short documentary and not another epic.

On a somewhat related note, Indecent Exposure Productions (whose fabulous, completed segment #2 I got to watch this past weekend) has their short film "Chords" playing this Sunday at the Reel Women International Film Festival in LA after an already successful festival run. Congratulations!

And for the grand finale: The website for Tag, You're It! is up.