Friday, July 31, 2009

NYC Premiere Invitation & Pre-Sales

It is now possible to RSVP or purchase will-call tickets for the NYC Premiere of All God's Children on August 11th. To announce that fact we just sent out an invitation.

In case you didn't get it or couldn't see it, here is all the information:

After years of production and many successful screenings throughout the country, we are very excited to bring All God's Children to our hometown! Please join us for the film, Q&A and a cocktail reception to follow (1st drink on us!). Specially priced DVDs will be available at the event.

Please follow the link below to purchase tickets or RSVP to ensure yourself a seat and we'll see you there.

- Scott Solary and Luci Westphal

To RSVP or purchase tickets, go to:

Questions and press inquiries, please email:

For more information about the film, please visit :

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We're leaving for the airport in... actually as soon as I turn this computer off... Here's a picture I took the first night in Hamburg a little over a week ago that seems quite fitting as I rush out the door:

Hamburger Berg nachts um halb eins. Oder vielleicht eher um halb zwei.

We've had such an amazing time with family and friends and new acquaintances.

I feel so lucky that I still have such wonderful friends here that make time for me and are always such fun to hang out with. There's nothing quite like the people who you've known for always.

Of course, we loved Berlin (again and still) and hope to make the move over there soon. All pending logistics. But we'll be back soon. And I can't wait.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Screenings this week

Our documentary film All God's Children will be screening twice this week. Both are encore screening after having successful screenings earlier that not everyone could attend.

The details:

Thursday - July 30, 2009 - 8pm

Civic Media Center
433 S. Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: (352) 373-0010


Saturday, August 1, 2009 - 7pm
Goss Memorial Church
2247 11th Street S.W.
Akron, OH 44314
Phone: 330-745-5038
Dianne Couts scheduled to attend


Through the eyes of three families, All God’s Children tells the personal story of the first boarding school for children of missionaries to be investigated for abuse at the hands of the parents’ missionary colleagues. The survivors and parents share their journey of seeking justice, redemption and healing.


Next week we'll attend screenings of the film in Washington, DC and in the week after that we'll have our NYC premiere.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pushing facebook in Germany

An ongoing theme through the first week of our Germany trip has been facebook. It seems that everyday I've mentioned it to someone - often explaining what the point of it is for the user (staying in touch, finding out what your people are doing and letting them know what you're up to without making an individual effort, voyeurism, rediscovering old friends, showing-off, advertising your product/band/event, recommending books/music/Franzbrötchen, being inspired, relaxing your mind and wasting some time, etc.) and mostly trying to ignore all the disconcerting theories of 1984/"Big Brother watching" or the fascinating and maybe just as troublesome idea of "the alternative Internet" as described in a recent Wired article.

"Face Book"
or the result of a conversation that started with: look, I can take a picture with my BlackBerry and upload it directly to facebook - from Germany!

It seems a little weird to sound like I'm peddling a huge social network or company that quite possibly may be the one laughing at all of us in the end - or to be pushing for something that may totally strip our sense of privacy and blow our individual vanity seriously out of proportion.

But for right now I think it's a great site with excellent opportunities for social interaction. Mainly I'm hoping that more of my friends and family will join facebook - because I enjoy knowing what's going on with them as well as all the sharing/recommending/showing-off stuff.

In regards to privacy, I keep telling them how in the US upon first meeting someone socially, we hardly ever give anyone our phone number or email address anymore. Instead it's "you're on facebook, right?" - "Of course." - "I'll find you there." You don't have to give anyone your real contact information anymore and it's up to you how much you want to share on facebook. Maybe this is a silly comparison - but it's something worth thinking about. But the very first step after signing up for facebook of course is to make your profile only visible to friends and to follow a few other helpful steps to protect your privacy.

When talking about facebook, MySpace came up a few times. While we have a page for our film company, I never set up an individual one. It always was too cluttered for me and by the time I discovered it a few years ago, it just seemed to be a platform for advertising your band/movie/acting career.
In that context I've very much enjoyed seeing the MySpace page for the Berlin Band Radiopilot last week: MySpace is too slow for us.

I'm a member of other useful progrmas and sites, like skype, ichat, linkedin, goodreads, ilike and twitter. The last three feed directly into facebook, which again is a big plus point because I only have to go to one site to utilize all of them. From what I understand there are other sites and programs in the works that are supposed to do an even better job of being your one-stop dashboard to all your social networks and communication sites.

I should add that I'm fully aware that Germany has its own social networks, like studi.vz,, etc. - and I've signed on to some of them. But I (selfishly?) prefer facebook because it can include my friends and family of all languages and nationalities and it integrates so many other sites and applications I like to use.

Twitter deserves a special mention because, while it at first seemed so pointless and vain, it now works for me as a tool for gathering quick current news and most importanly through it, I've recently been able to reconnect to some very special old friends of mine. After "following each other" for a few months now, we finally got to hang out again last night and fill in the blanks between the 140-character updates.

Getting real face time with @scottsolary and @jackomono (and Tina and Erik) at Strandpauli

So concluding, after two wonderful evenings with friends (some of whom I've known for decades but only get to see very infrequently when I travel to Germany or when they visit me) it becomes overly apparent again that, while social networks are very fun and a great way to stay in touch casually, nothing beats sitting for hours with dear people in the
Spielbudenplatz or the Hamburg Hafen and get actual real live human face time.

With this in mind: my dear friends, thank you for a lovely time in Hamburg, please find me on facebook and I can't wait to see you again soon in Hamburg, New York, Berlin or wherever real life takes us.

Here just two impressions from Monday during a spell of rain while sitting around the Kiez for old times sake. In an effort for some privacy protection and to lure the abstaining friends in, the other pictures are on facebook...

Under the umbrella at Spielbudenplatz looking up...

... and looking down (featuring Amir).

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Asterix Recommends: Mikroboy, Muff Potter and Kasabian

Approaching Hamburg from Frankfurt

Scott and I are currently in Germany visiting with my family out in the country. It's summer and beautiful outside - fortunately there are laptops and wireless Internet. So this is the perfect time to publish another "My Brother Recommends..." while we're both sitting in the backyard.

- "Raus Mit Der Schlechten Luft, Rein Mit Der Guten"

Muff Potter - "Niemand Will Den Hund Begraben"

Kasabian - "Underdog"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Screenings Galore

There are so many screenings of All God's Children coming up that I'm not finding time to announce each one individually on this blog. And who really wants to read a different post about every single one being announced? So here is just a list of the ones confirmed in the next few months. Of course, I'll write about the events that I attend after they've taken place.

Also I'm starting to put together a tour of the film along the west coast. Actually I'm hoping it will be the film and me touring down the west coast. I've been wanting to take a road trip along the Pacific forever and I've never even been to San Francisco. There are such great people in Washington, Oregon and California that I long to visit and catch up with. It would be wonderful to be able to share the film with the communities out there. So I'm really hoping this will work out.

So far we only have the kick-off screening in Seattle booked for 8/25. Marilyn Shellrude Christman from the film will attend the screening, which I'm very excited about. If you are interested in hosting a screening or know of an appropriate venue along the coast, please let us know at And I hope I'll get to see you at one of the upcoming screenings:

Thursday - July 30, 2009 - 8pm
Civic Media Center
433 S. Main Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
Phone: (352) 373-0010


Saturday - August 8th, 2009 - 7:30pm
SNAP National Conference
Hyatt Regency Crystal City
at Reagan National Airport
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia, 22202
(Washington, D.C.)
Phone: SNAP, 312-455-1499
Marilyn Shellrude Christman, Beverly Shellrude-Thompson,
Dianne Darr Couts, Rev. Dr. Richard Darr, Luci Westphal, Scott Solary scheduled to attend


Sunday - August 9, 2009 - 4pm
St. Marks Episcopal Church - Capitol Hill
Third and A Streets, SE
Behind the Library of Congress
(mailing address: 118 Third Street, SE)
Washington, DC 20003
For directions: Lynda, 703.201.4443
Marilyn Shellrude Christman, Beverly Shellrude-Thompson,
Dianne Darr Couts, Rev. Dr. Richard Darr, Luci Westphal, Scott Solary scheduled to attend


Tuesday - August 11, 2009 - 7:30pm
Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-8163
Marilyn Shellrude Christman, Beverly Shellrude-Thompson,
Dianne Darr Couts, Rev. Dr. Richard Darr, Luci Westphal, Scott Solary scheduled to attend
--- NYC Premiere - Reception to follow ---


Tuesday - August 25, 2009 - evening
Mercer Island Presbyterian Church
3605 84th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040 (Seattle)
Marilyn Shellrude Christman and Luci Westphal scheduled to attend
--- West Coast Premiere ---


Monday - September 14, 2009 - 7pm
Church of Christ at Dartmouth College
Batchelder Lounge
40 College Street
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: 603-643-3150
Keith Beardslee, Scott Solary and Luci Westphal scheduled to attend

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favorite Songs of 1st 1/4 of 2009

As I'm fine-tuning the mix of my favorite songs for the 2nd Quarter of 2009, I realized I never posted the play list for the 1st Quarter. So here is the list with links to video clips and/or song excerpts.
  1. No You Girls / Franz Ferdinand
  2. So Human / Lady Sovereign
  3. Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  4. Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer / A. C. Newman
  5. It's My Mic / Town Bike
  6. Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Morrissey
  7. Reasons Not To Be An Idiot / Frank Turner
  8. So Far Around The Bend / The National
  9. Brandy of The Damned / Nickel Eye
  10. This Love Is Fucking Right / The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  11. Cecilie / The Wolfmen
  12. Lenin / Arcade Fire
  13. Airport Surroundings / Loney, Dear
  14. First Love / Emmy The Great
  15. Calm Down Dad / Helen Love
  16. Dear Boy / Bodies Of Water
  17. I Am Strong / Polly Scattergood
  18. This Tornado Loves You / Neko Case
  19. Blood Bank / Bon Iver
  20. Heart of Glass / Old School Freight Train
For some source information: this year so far has been a little "more work" with Criznittle not being able to post the indie/rock playlist anymore. Most of the inspiration now comes from Shankly's Mix Tapes, from NPR's All Songs Considered, a collection of blogs and music sites (e.g., Brooklyn Vegan, Pitchfork, Coast Is Clear, Silence Killer, tonspion, Insound, Spinner), of course from friends & family (and the much appreciated presents), and a few from follow-up albums and concerts.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

NYC Premiere Set!

I'm very excited to announce that we finally set a date for the NYC premiere of All God's Children. Since New York is our home turf, we wanted the local premiere to be as exciting as possible. And now we finally have arranged various schedules and found the perfect location.

Several of the people featured in All God's Children will present the film together with us. We're still hoping that a few more might be able to join us. But we are just as pleased already to know that the following MKs will be in attendance: Beverly Shellrude-Thompson, Marilyn Christman, Rev. Dr. Richard Darr and Dianne Darr Couts.

The screening and reception afterward will take place at the Tribeca Cinemas, a beautiful event space for screenings and parties. The place is special to us not only because we've been to many fun events there through the years, but also because when we first moved to New York and the place was still a restaurant and art house theater called the Screening Room, Scott used to work there while also interning at Good Machine across the street. So it's a bit of a full circle experience to now come back with our own film and get to celebrate that fact with you.

Oh, yeah, talking about celebrating: your first drink is on us.

The Details:

NYC Premiere of All God's Children
Tuesday - August 11, 2009 - 7:30pm

Tribeca Cinemas
54 Varick St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 966-8163

$10 ticket
$20 ticket & DVD
(no pre-sales, first come...)

We really hope to see many of our friends and colleagues from our 10 years in New York so we can toast to you for all your support and distraction, whichever was needed at the time.