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Favorite (Year End) Lists List

Beowulf 3D - Do it.

Wallstrip's Year in Review

Münzviertel Video

Emirates Airlines, DON'T GO!

Lost Connection

Last Night Out

Rough Cut Finished

Die Fantastischen Vier

Rainbows and Rough Cuts

Bands & Friends in Hamburg


Mainz & Frankfurt

My South Park Friends

Luci SP-generated


ReelerTV Weekly 08

First Rough Cut Screening

Looking for music

Scott has a new job - with zombies

RIP RTV... for now anyway

Tax-deductible donations

DocStock Interview: All's Well and Fair

Editing, Editing, Editing, Visiting, Editing

MySpace Finally Updated!

No ReelerTV this week :-(

Solver of all Problems of Life

Unlimited Liability Shop - Hamburg

Blogger/Feedburner Error

ReelerTV Weekly 07

My Dad's Picture in Art Papers Magazine

ReelerTV @ Toronto - Episode 5

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DocStock Air Times

ReelerTV @ Toronto - Episode 2

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ReelerTV in Toronto

Erik ist da!

Done Digitizing

I'm on TV this week...

ReelerTV Weekly 06

Knowing Why You Do It

Been Busy Shooting

"Das Leben der Anderen"

iConcert Cal - Where Were You All My Life?

My Voice in "The Tourist"

"Jonestown: The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple"

Scott's Blog Overhaul


Born-again Mac User?

My Mother Wears Combat Boots

Clerical Abuse Crisis Is Not Over

ReelerTV on Hiatus

Fantastic Day of Filming

"Five Sisters" and me

Iva and Earl's 65th Anniversary