iW: VIDEO On The Scene in Park City '07 - 8

The best one yet! And I'm actually all giddy with excitement... because this episode features:

- Ira Glass of NPR's This American Life (only the best show on radio) being interviewed by Anne Sundberg (who co-directed/produced "The Devil Came on Horseback"). Rumors had been floating around for some time but now it's finally happening: This American Life as a television show will be airing on Showtime. And yes, it's totally weird at first to see Ira Glass while he's talking. By the end of the interview I was used to it and now cannot wait to WATCH This American Life. (This interview is an iW: VIDEO exclusive)

- Zooey Deschanel and Lou Taylor Pucci talk about starring in "The Go-Getter" and make it look like anything with them would be lots of fun

- Anthony Kaufman reviews Chris Smith's "The Pool" - directing his first real fiction film (admittedly I had to struggle quite a bit believing that his brilliant "American Movie" was NOT fiction). The film sounds very promising.

- Of course this episode is well-rounded out by iPOP, daily quotes and even the best "10 of Zen" so far. After all the excitement I could have used 20 ;-)

Clearly, you don't want to miss this episode.

Episode 8 is also posted on indieWIRE and Fox Searchlight.

Only one more regular show to go after this - then the grand awards finale and everyone goes home.

In Brooklyn it's 15 degrees Fahrenheit right now, that's -9 degrees Celsius. Just thought I'd add that.