iW: VIDEO On The Scene - Park City '07 - 4

The latest and greatest from Sundance.

- Today's episode features an interview with Gregg Araki (whose last film "Mysterious Skin" is in my top 10 most favorite films - though I understand his new film "Smiley Face" is quite different and probably more like is previous films, which is not a bad thing).

- Anthony Kaufman gives a very promising review of "Rocket Science" directed by Jeffery Blitz, who made himself known through the excellent documentary "Spellbound".

- You get to enjoy a few moments of Alexi Murdoch crooning (I think I've seen him open up for Damien Rice at a free show on Pier 17 a few summers ago - can anyone confirm?)

- Mia Farrow reminds us how important filmmaking can be to bring voice to the people when speaking about "The Devil Came on Horseback", a film about Darfur.

You can also watch this episode on: Fox Searchlight or indieWIRE.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode... And check in again tomorrow - I hear rumors of Parker Posey and Zoe Cassavettes...