We have a host!

Just thought I'd mention that.


  1. pray tell! :D

    also lisaluciani.com was available- score!
    we have to check on piscesproject.com

    then charles sayre and i can be a link on this beautiful site :)

  2. My lips are sealed ;-)
    Except for leaking that we already did some shooting today...

    But I can proudly announce in this super secret comment section that we are launching a weekly Reeler TV show for The Reeler. The first episode will launch on July 2nd!

    Congrats on getting lisaluciani.com! Can't wait for your site to be up. When you have a minute, check out our main site, which I just overhauled: www.goodhardworkingpeople.com

    Thank you for reading our blog and liking it.



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