1-18-08 - Cloverfield - Ethan Haas

OMG (no other expression fits better here) - I just spent a ridiculously long time in the whole JJ Abrams 1-18-08 - Cloverfield - Ethan Haas movie clue/conspiracy research/discussion world. Amazing how you can find yourself just get suckered in.

To make myself break away I decided to share the website that I discovered last and that has tons of information and links to all the other pertinent websites:


I recommend checking out the blog and forum it links to.

But most of my time I actually spent reading everybody else's theories and dismissals on the Ain't It Cool News Comments below JJ Abrams' misleading (?) email.

... and on the walk-through for the Ethan Haas Was Right puzzles.

Ahhh... too much fun. But walking away, walking away...