Jerome Foundation Grant

Jerome Hill

I have the most wonderful news to share:

The Jerome Foundation has chosen to give me a New York City Film and Video Grant for the production of my documentary All's Well and Fair.

I am so very grateful they believe in my work and trust that I will deliver. It is not only the money (although it is essential in me moving forward with this film) but also the encouragement and confidence boost this provides. There is just nothing like receiving this kind of support for your work.

It's a shame that there are not more organizations like the Jerome Foundation that support individual artists. I'm a big believer that the arts are an essential part of society. Engaging with art helps promote a healthy mind and soul. It is a way that society can express itself and question the status quo. It helps us grow as individuals and as a society.

On days like this I feel so lucky that I am a filmmaker and now get the chance to be creative.

I cannot give enough thanks to the Jerome Foundation and the review panel!!!

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