First Rough Cut Screening

After Jason from our filmmakers' collective viewed a very unofficial extreme rough assemble cut and provided some very helpful feedback earlier last week, this Saturday I held two small screenings of the All's Well and Fair rough cut. We had lively discussions about the film's content and structure that are going to help a lot in editing further.

It's always scary but necessary and finally satisfying to come out of isolation with a project and hear and see how other people receive the work. It's especially nice to have a small group watch at the same time so you can witness their discussion, agreeing and disagreeing on points and exploring further how they see the film.

In this case it was also very interesting to have two screenings in a row with and realize how different the dynamics and discussions can be depending on the constellation of people.

So I am very grateful to everyone who attended and was willing to watch, contemplate and express their views. Thank you to Brent, Teresa, Kate, Geoffrey, Allison, Kate, John J., Scott C. and of course Scott S.

There are also other people who were willing to look at a DVD on their own. It will be fascinating to compare their individual opinions, free of the group discussion. I can't wait.

Well, actually, I'll have to wait for a little while because I'm about to get on a plane this evening to fly to Germany where I'll be on a little bit of an editing retreat (with some friends & family & travel time thrown in).