The Fabulous "... Fabulous Stains" (1982)

"We are The Stains and we don't put out!"

Dianne Lane as Corinne in Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

How did I miss this movie until now?

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains, directed by Lou Adler (Up In Smoke - NSFW) and written by Nancy Dowd, has been alluding me since 1982. For shame!

Fortunately, I was recently stuck on a very long flight without individual TV monitors and therefore forced to turn to movies backed-up on my laptop... and then I discovered this gem!

Diane Lane is gorgeous. Her attitude is perfectly snotty and exudes the magnificent power of the female - especially potent as a teenager. The stereotypes of the various bands and fans and characters of the era are priceless. The contemplation of putting out / selling out / following your dream / DIY vs. marketing are always worth contemplating. Did I mention how gorgeous and fresh Corinne "Third Degree" Burns looks? The hair, the make-up, the clothes, the legs, the SHOES!

If only there had been a little more Laura Dern and a few more songs from The Stains besides "Waste of Time" and (the stolen) "Professionals".

(For people with short attention span, jump to 2:12)

I'm already looking forward to enjoying this film over and over again.

And for some extra geeking out, here is a documentary about the film:

... and a bunch of stills.