Articles about abuse at Mamou Alliance Academy

Christianity Today, the premier American magazine for Evangelical Christians, features as its cover story the personal recollection of Wess Stafford (Compassion International) in regard to his time at the Mamou Alliance Academy, a missionary kids' boarding school, and how the abuse he suffered there affected his life and his call to help other children.

In a sidebar to the article Katelyn Beaty summarizes what happened at Mamou and how the denomination, Christian & Missionary Alliance, responded eventually. She also mentions our documentary All God's Children, which tells not only the story of the abuse the children suffered at Mamou, but also how they were re-traumatized by the forced silence in the decades following and how they struggled for over 10 years to get the denomination to begin an independent investigation into the reports of abuse. 

We are grateful for Christianity Today drawing attention to the abuse of missionary kids. But personally I will always wish there would be more focus on how common and widespread the abuse is and how so many survivors continue to suffer in silence. 

The thought that some people may read into the main article that suffering as a child may lead to becoming a better servant of God, is chilling to me.