MusicMonday: Beach House - "Zebra"

With all the moving from Kreuzberg to Mitte and setting up an office and home all over again and trying to get work done in the middle of it all, it pretty much slipped my mind that on Mondays I usually post a song I like on my blog.

Fortunately, Debbie just reminded me that it's Music Monday when I mentioned that I had bought Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" today* and she was in the process of purchasing some (still undisclosed) music herself.

So real quick: here is the beautiful song "Zebra" by Baltimore duo Beach House - a song that I discovered and fell in love with fairly recently, even though I've had the album "Teen Dream" for several months already. So yes, Judith, you're right, it's not such a great idea to get too many albums at the same time - but better to space them out a bit.

I'll soon get back to this band in a future post about something that deserves its own heading. And I don't mean that I'll be writing about the web show / video podcast "The Interface" (from which this video is taken) - even though I do highly recommend that show and watch it regularly myself. But it may be about something somewhat similar...

* I got the cover with the big palm tree on the left. It reminded me the most of Florida, where I first was confronted with the concept of the suburb.