MusicMonday: Fol Chen and Miss Kittin

While I impatiently wait for the online premiere of a certain video by an artist who plays beautiful analog music, I'll share some current favorites of the electronic persuasion: new music by Fol Chen from the US and some classics by Miss Kittin from France. And I'm not saying that these songs represent my emotional state of recent times.

"In Ruins"* by Fol Chen

The song above seems especially timely because I was recently reminded of it again when my friend Robert (visiting from Mainz) brought me a German sampler that included this song - and because Marisa and Nuno recently introduced me to the concept of projection mapping (projecting precisely calculated images onto other surfaces, bringing them to life or creating new shapes, including 3D)

"Barefoot Tonight" by Miss Kittin

* For a fun alternate version: