MusicMonday: A.A. Bondy

Made it back to Germany just in time for my dad's birthday. A present I brought him back from New York was the first solo CD by A. A. Bondy: American Hearts

Under the name Scott Bondy, he used to be the singer for Verbena. But I first heard of him when my dad introduced me to his second solo album When The Devil's Loose, which he in turn knew about through some connections to The Felice Brothers.

Admittedly it helps for something to always be the first album and song when I open iTunes - but I think it's safe to say I fell in love with that album and its first song on its own merit.

Here it is in a live version with harmonica:
"Mighties Of Guns" by AA Bondy

And another favorite from When The Devil's Loose:
"Oh The Vampyre" by A.A. Bondy

By the way, now of course American Hearts will be at the top of the iTunes player.