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Interview Project (Germany)

MusicMonday: "Ich Bin Ausländer (leider zum Glück)" - Torpedo Boyz

Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park) - In A Berlin Minute (Week 47)

What's with all the ads?

MusicMonday: The Kills "Satellite" (+ "Something Wild")

Computerspiele Museum (Computer Games Museum) - In A Berlin Minute (Week 46)

Ian McEwan - "Black Dogs"

FilmKritikTV - Franc Tausch

MusicMonday: Skream & Example "Shot Yourself In The Foot Again"

100 Bus - In A Berlin Minute (Week 45)

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MusicMonday: R.E.M. - "Überlin"

Komische Oper - In A Berlin Minute (Week 44)

Asterix Recommends: Erik Hassle "Are You Leaving"

Berlin Musical "Hinterm Horizont"