MusicMonday: R.E.M. - "Überlin"

It all fit so perfectly: this past week was Scott's birthday, he returned to Berlin and Collapse Into Now, the new album of his old-time favorites R.E.M., came out in Germany so I could surprise him with it... and then it even included a Berlin song!

As a little bit of Schlagsahne on top, the video for "Überlin" was released just in time for my Music Monday post. The video was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and because it features just one dancer (Aaron Johnson) does remind a bit of the "Lotus Flower" video by Radiohead. Btw, those don't really look like the streets of Berlin to me - but somewhere in England maybe.

Or then there's this clever (slightly older, also official) video for "Überlin" featuring the lyrics on a subway map:

Some of the lyrics fit all too perfectly:

hey now, take the U-Bahn
5 stops, change the station,
hey now, don't forget that change will save you
hey now, count a thousand, million people
that's astounding
chasing through the city with their stars on bright

I know I know I know what I am chasing
I know I know I know that this is changing me,


I know I know I know that this is changing;
we'll walk the streets, to feel the ground
I'm chasing Überlin