MusicMonday: R.E.M. - "Überlin"

It all fit so perfectly: this past week was Scott's birthday, he returned to Berlin and Collapse Into Now, the new album of his old-time favorites R.E.M., came out in Germany so I could surprise him with it... and then it even included a Berlin song!

As a little bit of Schlagsahne on top, the video for "Überlin" was released just in time for my Music Monday post. The video was directed by Sam Taylor-Wood and because it features just one dancer (Aaron Johnson) does remind a bit of the "Lotus Flower" video by Radiohead. Btw, those don't really look like the streets of Berlin to me - but somewhere in England maybe.

Or then there's this clever (slightly older, also official) video for "Überlin" featuring the lyrics on a subway map:

Some of the lyrics fit all too perfectly:

hey now, take the U-Bahn
5 stops, change the station,
hey now, don't forget that change will save you
hey now, count a thousand, million people
that's astounding
chasing through the city with their stars on bright

I know I know I know what I am chasing
I know I know I know that this is changing me,


I know I know I know that this is changing;
we'll walk the streets, to feel the ground
I'm chasing Überlin



  1. Good call. This is totally London, Bethnal Green in the East End. So bizarrely, their ode to Berlin is making me homesick!
    Also, I was listening to this U-Bahn anthem earlier today...

  2. James, that's great you recognized the neighborhood. It looks like such a cool place. No wonder you feel a little homesick.

    I LOVE "The Passenger". Young Iggy Pop is amazing. Wait, any age Iggy Pop is amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

    - Luci

  3. Hey Luci, we've blogged about the song/videos too. Had to give you props at the end for bringing this to our attention.


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