Crosstown Train - In A Berlin Minute (Week 48)

Alexanderplatz seen from the S-Bahn
Back by popular demand: another trip through the heart of Berlin. 

When I realized how many of you liked the "transportation videos" (the videos that show you the world whisk by outside the window of a bus or train), I thought I'll make another one for you: "Crosstown Train - S-Bahn durch Mitte" (and yes, I know the train doesn't just go through the neighborhood "Mitte".

This week my friend Julia and I took the S-Bahn (elevated train) from East (Jannowitzbrücke) to West (Zoologischer Garten or "Bahnhof Zoo") through the center of Berlin and back again - passing by some of the major sights in Berlin: Fernsehturm (TV Tower), Alexa, Alexanderplatz, Hackescher Markt, Museumsinsel, Berliner Dom, Friedrichstrasse, Reichstag, government buildings, Hauptbahnhof, Siegessäule, Tiergarten, Bahnhof Zoo and lots and lots of buildings.

To make sure I don't miss anything, I made the entire round trip again, this time looking out of the other window. 

The actual one-minute video (even though it's at 7x speed), of course, only shows a fraction of the trip - and only the perspective of the right window (going west, then going back east).

So if you have 9 minutes, I highly recommend watching the full bonus clip for this week, which shows both directions from both perspectives (right and then left window) - and is also not quite as fast.

The wonderful music again is from Jason Matherne. The featured song in the one-minute video is called "Half Boy Half Girl". You can listen to a large catalog of his music on his Goonygoogoo Productions page on Facebook.

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