Shortcutz Berlin

Shortcutz Berlin - Session 12

Shortcutz Berlin is a weekly short film screening series held at Roderich, a cool theater - video rental - cafe in Kreuzberg. The event was initiated by the Portugese Labz, which also started Shortcutz screenings in Lisbon and London - creating a unique international film network.

Every Thursday two new short films will be shown as part of a best-film-of-the-month competition. A third film is shown out-of-competition and a guest speaker talks about their film work. In general the idea is not only to watch films but also to have a strong interaction and meeting place between filmmakers and film viewers.

This week I've been invited to show a few of my "In A Berlin Minute" videos. 

I'm really excited about the opportunity to share the videos that started online with a real life audience, to see their reactions and to watch the videos on a big screen. It's quite odd to have started out more or less anonymously online and then now sharing with a live audience. 

On a side-note: at midnight will be my birthday - and I can't imagine doing anything better on my birthday than sharing my work. 

Glogauer Straße 19
10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

20 Uhr - 8pm
Free to get in
Screenings are in the basement