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MusicMonday: "America" - Bill Callahan

Gardens of the World - In A Berlin Minute (Week 56)

MusicMonday: "Live Alone" - Debbie Harry Does Franz Ferdinand (and so does LCD Soundsystem)

"All God's Children - Germany Premiere" - In A Berlin Minute (Week 55)

"All God's Children" is streaming online!

Big Day

MusicMonday: "Wordy Rappinghood" (Uffie, Chicks On Speed, Tom Tom Club)

"Stuck - Part 2" or "Friend, Couch and Happiness"

Stuck with someone else's garbage...

forgetters at Schokoladen - In A Berlin Minute (Week 54)

Berlin Premiere of "All God's Children"

MusicMonday: "I Want The World To Stop" - Belle & Sebastian

May Day - 1. Mai - In A Berlin Minute (Week 53)