MusicMonday: Belle and Sebastian - "Come On Sister" + "I Didn't See It Coming"

Doesn't anyone make music videos anymore?

Frustrated that I couldn't find any videos for any of my favorite songs from the last few weeks (besides the ones I had posted already), I was just about to post one of those songs that doesn't have a video, when I came across a favorite from last year that suddenly does have a new video: "We Don't Want Your Body" by Canadian band Stars from the 2010 album The Five Ghosts.

So it does happen - new videos are made for "old" songs! Hopefully this will also one day happen to "Helplessness Blues", "Two Against One", "Some Boys" and "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate".

Except then I realized I couldn't embed that one. Oh, c'mon!

With new hope I dug a little further and discovered new videos for two (2) songs from last year's Belle and Sebastian album Write About Love. These two songs are about to be released (again) as a single and b-side with new remixes:

"Come On Sister" directed by Paul Fegan

"I Didn't See It Coming" directed (and animation) by Leslie Barnes