MusicMonday: Road Trip to the Sea (Clara Luzia, Philip Poisel, Cara Beth, Fanta 4, Okkervil River, Fettes Brot)

Last night I returned from a wonderful 4-day road trip with my friend Judith. In Germany it was a long weekend due to the holiday Himmelfahrt.

Judith and I in a "Strandkorb"
[photo by Judith via self timer]

It was a bit of "Fahrt ins Blaue" (trip into the blue), which means we didn't have our destination all planned). We ended up visiting my family in the beautiful Haseldorfer Marsch, spent a day on the beach of the North Sea in St. Peter-Ording, attended the Münzviertel Street Fair, organized by my dad, Günter Westphal, and concluded three days of relaxation with a night of running around the Hamburg harbor and St. Pauli district with friends, which led to the classic sunrise Fischbrötchen (roll with fish) at the Hamburger Fischmarkt just after sunrise.

A special thank you to my mom, Erik and Tina for all their wonderful hospitality! 

Needless to say it was a wonderful experience, which also included a lot of driving and music-listening.

Here are a few fitting songs from the coast...

"Es gibt im Leben viele Zeiten, das hier sind die guten"
[literally: there are a lot of times in life, these are the good]

"Tag am Meer" [day at the sea] (unplugged) by Die Fantastischen Vier

"Tag am Meer" (official trippy video and album version) by Die Fantastischen Vier

"Boatwatcher" by Cara Beth Satalino (whom Judith and I saw recently playing with her band Witches together with forgetters at Schokoladen

"Lost Coastlines" in an acoustic version by AC Newman and Will Sheff

"Nordisch by Nature" [Northern by Nature] by Fettes Brot