Music Monday: "Chicago" - Sufjan Stevens

Chicago Skyline seen from S3 Studio

After four wonderful, inspiring, creative and exhausting days during which I met so many wonderful people, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, I am now back at the Chicago airport waiting for my flight to LA.

Participating in the Extract art event at the S3 Studio / Gallery was an incredible experience mostly because of the connection with people and discovering their works and passions - but also because of seeing my "In A Berlin Minute" in the context of a an art show screening (vs. online viewing or a film festival screening).

Chicago now has gained a new meaning in my life. With that in mind, today's Music Monday song is "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens

Chicago Skyline seen from S3 Studio
(taken with Hipstamatic)

On a side note, the first time I went to New York I actually did arrive in a van with a friend and we did sleep in the van on the way.

"Chicago" (acoustic) - Sufjan Stevens 


"Chicago" (album version) - Sufjan Stevens