Top Video Channels 2011 - In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 87)

Top Video Channels 2011 - In A Brooklyn Minute (Week 87) from Luci Westphal on Vimeo.

To close out the old year (as a thank you to all the creators and the viewers) and as a welcome to the new year (as an inspiration) here are 10 of my favorite video channels from 2011.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, creative and productive 2012!!!

The channels from the list (in order of video not in order of any sort of rating): (Music - News and Reviews) (Film - News and Reviews - German) (Interviews - German)

Please do know that this is more random than science and that a lot of choices were difficult (and thus random). There are a lot more channels that I love and I would like to thank and which I'd like you all to check out. But you can only fit so much into 1 minute without making everyone dizzy.

IMPORTANT: I tried to get permission from everyone in the video to use a clip from their channel. This is supposed to be a tribute to these channels and also to the material they use to create their works. In no way do I mean to infringe on anyone's copyright.

Even though I watch videos (and like channels) on other platforms as well, e.g. Vimeo and Blip - I decided to just focus on YouTube channels for this because that's where most of you are watching. 

And for good measure here are a bunch more of my favorites. Please know this is not a complete list either. So please don't feel dissed if I overlooked mentioning you even though you know I watch and love your videos. I'm definitely sleep-deprived right now.

... and many more...