Music Monday: Four Dollar Wine - "We Gave It A Go"

Four Dollar Wine Record Release Party at High Dive

Yes, it's true I just dedicated a Music Monday to Four Dollar Wine in December. But I love them that much!

More importantly they just released their debut album We Gave It A Go in January. It is now available on iTunes and all the other online music vendors.

You can still download two of their songs for free: "Please Come Home" and "Somebody New".

You'll say: of course, you like them: Scott Solary, is your husband and the other half of the band, Thimo Sander, is a very good friend. But you know, Scott was in a band before... in the 90s... as a drummer... and Thimo plays in a super succesful band in Germany... and um... I don't feel the same love for those endeavors as I do for Four Dollar Wine.

So, seriously: give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Currently you can listen to the entire album streaming while enjoying beautiful vintage footage when you watch "We Gave It A Go, the Film by Four Dollar Wine".