3 Years! ... and a big change

On the day of the 3-year anniversary of my web series In A Berlin Minute aka In A Brooklyn Minute I spontaneously decided to make a new vlog - one in English and one in German.

Because this vlog is very long I'll give you a quick overview so you can decide if you want to bother watching it. It is mostly intended for the people who watch my web series -- but could possibly be interesting to my friends as well. I made this vlog today because today is the 3-year anniversary of In A Berlin Minute / In A Brooklyn Minute.

However, most words are about the identity crisis I hit this past summer/fall and how at this point it has affected my priorities in life regarding video work and money work -- and my most important priority: the people in my life. Although the really personal things I don't discuss in this video.

Mainly I finally acknowledged that I'm a workaholic and that such driven behavior together with lack of success caused me misery as well as the people around me. In our society we think that being busy and working to much is somehow honorable. I don't believe that anymore - but that being obsessed with your work can do harm to yourself and your family.

In the depth of the crisis I thought I'd never make videos or films again. Now I'm on the other side of my journey and would like to tell you that I'll continue to make videos but that as a priority they will come after the people whom I love and after making money. So from now on my web series may be released late or altogether less regularly.

My hope is that my story can help others to let go of some of the pressures that hurt themselves and their families and that there can be a path to a well-balanced life.

Thank you all for watching -- no matter if for three years or just today.

3 Years! ... and a big change. [Vlog 5 - English]

 3 Jahre! ... und eine grosse Veraenderung [Vlog 5 - Deutsch]

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