Photos from Horsetooth Reservoir in the snow

These photos I took while shooting the 1-minute video "Snow at Horsetooth Reservoir – In A Colorado Minute (Week 189)" - which you can watch HERE.

Surviving (or hibernating?) plants at the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir. 

Hiking trail along the east side of Horsetooth Reservoir. 

Evergreen trees against blue sky in a snow and rock-covered landscape – even winter is colorful in Colorado.  

Deer prints in the snow. 

There’s something so inspiring and comforting about wild dried flowers in the wintertime. 

Driving around the Horsetooth Reservoir on windy and steep roads. 

Rustic ridge between Horsetooth Reservoir and Fort Collins.

The ever-powerful sun is what makes Colorado winters better than any other snowy winters. There, I said it. 

Looking south across Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado.
Evergreen trees in the snow at Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado.

The red rocks common in Colorado, Utah and other western states stand out even better when dusted with snow.

The moon rising above the red rocks. 
The snow has fallen, the sun is gone - but dried wild flowers keep colorful Colorado colorful.
From my Instagram feed.

Powerful sun seen through an Instagram filter.