Photos from the Four Corners Monument

Here are a few photos from the Four Corners Monument, which I shot while making the 1-minute video "Four Corners Monument – In A Colorado Minute (Week 200)" during the 200th week of making 1-minute Moving Postcard videos in Berlin, Brooklyn, Colorado and around the world.

Read more about it and watch the video here:

Four Corners Monument sign

Four Corners Monument seen from Arizona with Colorado in the background

No pets allowed on the Four Corners Monument

A wider view of the Four Corners quadripoint where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet

A close view of the Four Corners quadripoint where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet

Colorado state seal

Whiskey explores Colorado in the Four Corners region after totally dissing New Mexico and before doing some business in Utah and then barking at tourists in Arizona - all within walking distance at Four Corners

Utah state seal

Four Corner Monument visitor parking in Utah 

Arizona state seal

Snow-covered mountains in Arizona, seen from Utah at Four Corners Monument
New Mexico state seal

Plant growing in dry New Mexican soil at the Four Corners Monument

Navajo Nation flag at Four Corners Monument

Navajo Taco stand at the Four Corners Monument

My traveling buddies, Whiskey and Scott, standing in Utah with an Arizona backdrop

No skateboarding pets allowed on the actual Four Corners Monument. Booh!(via Instagram

The Breaking Bad Skyler-inspired coin toss chose Colorado, which makes sense since that's where I chose to throw it.(via Instagram)

Four Corners: four feet, four states, four times the fun.
(via Instagram)

Me shooting the center of Four Corners Monument.
(Photo by Scott Solary)

Me standing on the Four Corner quadripoint - feet and tripod legs in four different states.(Photo by Scott Solary)