Meet Anne Hanson (of knitspot) - In A Minute Portrait (Week 219)

  Anne Hanson (of knitspot) - In A Minute Portrait (Week 219) 

Please, meet my dear friend Anne Hanson in this inaugural episode of the new sub-category "In A Minute Portrait" of my Moving Postcard web series.

Anne Hanson is a knitwear designer and yarn manufacturer who owns the company knitspot. I also know her as a photographer, painter, writer, book designer, teacher, gardener, cyclist, runner, wife of

David Whitfield and a long-term friend of mine. In short: Anne rocks!
Make sure you check out her blog and company's website: ... and the variety of natural yarns she sells!

When she visited us this past weekend from Ohio, I was determined to have her in my weekly video (as with all my friends who visit or whom I travel with). When our original plan for a shoot fell through, I spontaneously decided to give the idea of "1-minute interviews with creative, inspiring or just plain awesome friends" a shot. Anne was so kind to agree - and the sub-category "In A Minute Portrait" was born.

Obviously, a 1-minute interview is very short - and the way I handled it with insisting on 6 questions (which then caused some jump-cut editing) it's very rapid fire. I'd like to do this (same questions, different person) maybe once a month or every other month. So I'm interested in your thoughts. As far as I plan, next week will be a regular "In A Colorado Minute" video again... but you never know who might visit or inspire me.

Anne Hanson
knitwear designer, yarn manufacturer and owner of knitspot