Blood Moon (Supermoon Lunar Eclipse) - In Another Minute (Week 283)

Blood Moon (Supermoon Lunar Eclipse) - In Another Minute (Week 283)

Nothing quite like the sight of the rare Supermoon lunar eclipse, also known as the Blood Moon. Of course, I had to capture it!

I had just arrived in Tucson, Arizona, and my friend and acupuncturist Jess Grotfeldt and I quickly set up on her roof. Spending this magical time together was more important than shooting a perfect video and I wasn't sure if it would turn out at all.

Even though I shot it at a wide angle to capture it all without having to move the camera, in the edit I ended up using closer frames of the time-lapse sequence photos. I thought it would be more interesting after all to get a closer look at the moon. Also the surrounding cityscape wasn't as exciting as a foreground as the Arizona mountains... but I'll show you those soon together with an incredible sunset I shot in the desert yesterday...

The song in the video is called “Namaste” and was written and performed by Jason Shaw of Audionautix. He has made this and many great songs available via a CC BY 3.0 license. Thank you very much, Jason!

Blood Moon - Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Sequence