New Dance Songs: Peaches, GEoRGiA, YACHT, Big Grams and more...

One of the things I miss most while living in Colorado is dancing with my Brooklyn and Berlin friends. Currently, I live in a house big enough that I have a designated dance room (it's also the library and cocktail lounge). And I've had some fun dance sessions with friends (and my dog). But I miss hearing, sharing and trying out new songs with the old gangs on the wooden and vinyl floors of our NYC apartments and cement floors of Berlin clubs.

So today, I want to share a few recently discovered songs I want to dance to with my friends and encourage you to share dance songs that you've recently discovered...

Peaches - "Bodyline"

Georgia - "Move Systems"

Weezer - "Thank God for Girls"

Bronze Radio Return - "Light Me Up"

B├śRNS - "Electric Love"

YACHT - "I Wanna Fuck You Till I'm Dead"

Big Grams - "Goldmine Junkie" 

Cinderella lost her shoes... and is having a helluva time.
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