Berlin Rooftops - In A Berlin Minute (Week 346)

Gazing down at Berlin rooftops from the Neukölln Arcaden parking garage is a must-see experience - especially during sunset. This Berlin pastime has become even more popular and convenient since the unique-looking rooftop garden and bar Klunkerkranich opened on the top level of the shopping mall's parking garage.

Berlin Rooftops (Neukölln Arcaden) - In A Berlin Minute (Week 346) [4k]

This week, during a brief Germany visit, my Berlin friends Miriam Blaich and Julia Wiedwald and I headed up there to catch the sunset above Berlin rooftops for this video series and warm up with a hot beverage. Unfortunately, Klunkerkranich was closed that day due to its limited winter hours. But of course, that didn't keep me from filming this video for you. And we ended up getting delicious hot drinks in the nearby Reuterkiez instead.

To see this view with your own eyes, just head to Berlin... and then to the Neukölln Arcaden at Karl-Marx-Strasse 66 in Neukölln. Get on the elevator to the 5th floor parking level and enjoy the view of Berlin rooftops, including the TV Tower (Berlin's tallest structure) and the Park Inn Hotel (Berlin's tallest building) at Alexanderplatz, the Rote Rathaus (red city hall), the nearby Kindl Brewery and lots and lots of churches, smokestacks and satellite dishes.

The music in the video is the instrumental version of the song “Fit for a King” by Josh Woodward. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Thank you so much, Josh!

TV Tower and Berlin rooftops