When I was a teenager, my dad suggested I should put more emphasis on "producing instead of just consuming" when it comes to art and culture.

This blog is about finally embracing both: the videos, photography and writing I create - as well as all the amazing creations of others I love to celebrate: the music, films, videos, web shows, books, plays, visual art, architecture, landscapes, food, blogs, advocacy...

- Luci Westphal


  1. You are a Goddess Luci,

    Your beauty would turn the head of Zeus.

  2. Hi,
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  3. I just saw the SooKee video on "Democracy Now" news program. I was blown away by her and the music. Thanks for putting up the video. Danke!

    Jacques Francois

    1. Hi Jacques,
      I can't believe I never responded to your comment. Shame on me. It was this comment of yours that alerted me to the fact that my music video for sookee had played on Democracy Now. I had no idea that was going to happen. So thank you so much for finding my blog and letting me know!
      Best wishes,


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